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We Are All Trees + Remix

Posted by on Jul 2, 2014

We Are All Trees + Remix

THREE days after returning from the heart of the panopticon and my feet just about touch profane ground again….

Anyone who’s ever had the epiphany, even for a brief moment, that we are the universe regarding itself, the Godhead staring deliriously at its own minaret-weaving hand, thinking: ‘trippy,’ could only have this wonderful notion reinforced at We Are All Trees, Fell Foot Wood.

A festival favourites roundup is no easy task, but massive props go to Yossarians for setting things alight on Friday, and for a glorious impromptu acoustic set at Fell Foot’s new Moon Pond stage the following morning (afternoon?)

Our own Saturday set was followed by Cassie, who set up a Marshall stack and drumkit among the crowd, then proceeded to tear a massive hole in the sky. The dimensional rift was poked and torn further asunder by the sonic fingers of Mistoa Poltsa, Three Dimensional Tanx and Cowtown, before the magical ApatT deconstructed things entirely with rivers of pixelated space-pop.

Sunday’s artists drew upon magical reserves, emerging – almost each and every one – bleary-eyed, torn of throat, but grinning wildly and somehow summoning stellar performances.

Eugene the Cartographer paced the stage, looking like a lost member of Francis Bacon’s Soho set, his broken crooning matching the morning’s tired, triumphant mood. Politburo’s poncho-sunshine-pop brought the sun out to play. Groves reopened the hole in the sky. The mesmeric Second Shepherds climbed through…

Beautiful surroundings, beautiful music and beautiful people. We gave the Godhead something to really marvel at.

And here’s your remix:

THREE impromptu bleary-eyed days is acoustic
Poked, torn after So set
and of returning fucking at torn throat
from trippy Fell Foot
But the Foot’s asunder grinning heart
new by wildly sonic pond of only Moon, somehow
panopticon, this stage fingers, summoning and wonderful
the stellar notion following Mistoa Poltsa performances
feet reinforced morning
Eugene just after afternoon?
Our Dimensional Cartographer
touch our own
Three Dimensional Tanx paced, profane All Saturday
and the ground Trees set Cowtown stage again… as was…before looking
Anyone Fell followed the Foot
by magical Wood
Cassie, ApatT lost the deconstructed member
epiphany festival set things of even favourites up
Marshall rivers
Soho brief
no stack of set moment
easy and pixelated
his task drumkit, space-pop, broken among Sunday’s crooning
Massive the artists matching the props
crowd drew the universe
Go, and upon morning’s regarding, proceed, magical, tired
itself Yossarians’ reserves triumphant for the tear
emerging mood: Godhead
setting on Groves, staring things massive
stage reopened deliriously alight hole
The almost hole
it’s Friday
the each in own
and sky and
the minaret-weaving for
Play-together artists grinning
Bacon’s Groves magical somehow
his hole hive reserves summoning
broken in mind, emerging stellar,
Stage performances matching sky
Eugene the The Godhead
The morning’s mesmeric something
almost Cartographer tired
To each, paced triumphant Second Shepherds really and the mood climbed marvel at every beautiful Politburo
Through Beautiful looking poncho-sunshine-pop surroundings
– like brought beautiful, bleary-eyed, the music torn
lost sun of member
beautiful throat of people
The every sky hand a dimensional one
Thinking, glorious rift –

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