Ten Mouth Electron



Ten Mouth Electron’s krautrockabilly psycho-pop has prompted parallels with musical forces that don’t usually appear together in the same sentence:  Fuzzy spacerock workouts, angular post-punk and soaring psychgaze have earned comparisons to PiL, Hawkwind, Talking Heads (TalkWind?) and more.

The sound is the glorious coming-together of members from several disparate Manchester bands, (Locean, Ill, Salford Media City, Rapid Pig).  You might say it’s the closest the city has to a super group.

But all comparisons to the Travelling Wilburys end there.

GetIntoThis described TME’s set at the Liverpool International Music Festival as ‘a froth of urban disobedience,’ and the band’s appearance alongside four exciting British artists on The Quietus magazine’s Minor Characters EP release revealed a broad and playful sonic palette.

Look out for three further raucous releases in early 2015…





Ten Mouth Electron are:

Vox/guitar: Bob Clowrey

Guitar: Phil ‘Santa ‘ Lewis

Bass: Sadie Noble

Drums: Jay Tea


Taking Sophoclean tunnel uncle to their scope,

you who listen name Ten were sweats to/from

Mouth being feedback

and the Electron sermon delivered

and the boat, no-description

which regard rigors for the playing of Donald Crowhurts

(personal one) enacted krautrockabilly

Boredom, bodyspace, you an afro-goth, onanism

But find noise of deception and inauthenticity

really for that other vaguely sinister wind, overbearing you

and yourself would nonsense the music

If void is inside by here tragedy